Damn This Feels Good

Damn this feels good, experiencing my body move into alignment is freeing; there’s a part of me that can’t fathom why I never decided to decide to do this before. What am I talking about? Just “living” is all. Yeah man, Living and being free. Now don’t get it twisted, I am not saying that it’s easy; hell, who would I be kidding. I’m simply saying that appreciating myself makes me see the glass half full instead of empty.

I’ve had those fleeting but terrible thoughts in wonderment of whether I’ll see 40 or not. Though none of us knows our date of expiration it is sure we cut the time ahead by continuing to live how we’ve lived. Oh yes, I include myself. Look, we are responsible for ourselves. It is up to you to not only decide to change cut to take action.

T.D. Jakes said, “There’s Nothing More Powerful Than A Changed Mind”. This is true; I’m living this statement. I have nothing down packed but I am becoming accustomed to the shift as I submit to my decision to rebuild my life. “I moved here for a change in my life” we’ve all heard it at one time or another. This person sounds as if they truly want the change, but as you experience them you begin to understand that the only thing that they’ve changed is their location. No heavy lifting has been done, no cleaning and sharpening of the mind has taken place, no plan of action.

What feels so good is that I am in line with my full self, all parts, mind, body, spirit and soul. I say what I want, I write what I want, I GO GET what I want. And I’m getting after this weight loss right now. I’m living the plan. My body hurts like crap right now, but I’m walking with my chest up and out, I’m Virginia’s son, her favored and anointed baby boy, God fearing, made in His image, certain that I matter, flawed and poised to Live Greatness. I am because He IS and through Him I am becoming more dedicated to my passion for L.T.P. “Life Transformational Power”. You have to decide where you’ll send, share and experience your Energy that’s when your True Life will ignite.

Just sharing my day-to-day journey of taking the www.Dherbs.com Full Body Cleanse and training with Fitness Expert Dwayne Jones is my passion, and a big part of my New life. As I’m falling in love with my journey I’m taken to wins I’ve never thought possible. I go to 24hour Fitness to walk it out and to Dwayne for stretching, core and balance training. It’s awesome having a support team to do this with me. But remember, I dropped damn near 159 pounds with self will and determination.  You have to get after it if you truly want it.  Shift your diet if you can’t change it, find a 10 minute workout plan for the morning if you can’t get to the gym and get that Dherbs Cleanse… It Works!

Look at yourself and make the decision to Feel Good. I mean really good.

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