Dream, Thrive, LIVE; The Dherbs Battlefield

In 2014 I played my first Sold Out Solo show, I lost my home, went bankrupt, got dropped from my label, was diagnosed with a heart disease, was hospitalized and told that I had to be monitored daily so my heart wouldn’t stop working and with Alllll that, I also STOOD UP ALL OVER AGAIN! Life is not a particular position of success, what it is however, is the commitment to Personal Journey and Triumph.

There’s nothing like “deciding” to Live. It’s been some kind of year for me…but we’ll get into that some other time. As for now, it’s Focus Forward and Move. Nothing can or will stop me. Determination has become a part of my DNA, my make up. My dirt as I respectfully refer to it. That “down to the last drop” and ya gotta get up again type stuff. Yes, I said, “type stuff” You just can’t put a finger on it at times but it’s there, inside waiting to breathe in new life and accomplishment. Your DNA knows your Destiny.

You know what you want, you know it’s attainable, you thought you had the juice but found yourself back in the dust. Back at the beginning! And just what does that mean for you, “Back at the beginning? Well I can’t tell you what it means to or for you, I only know that the “Beginning” is a wonderful place. The Beginning is where belief, faith, hope, they all live at the beginning and we fight, push, pull, press, scratch most of our lives for this exact position. There is no doubt. Only Hope and the inner fight that says to you over and over again, “Oh Yeah, we got this one buddy!

It’s when you decide to not only live your life, but also believe that you play the part, the most important part…you play… You!!! In this movie called “Your” life, and though you don’t get to direct it or write the end of the flick, you have full privilege and right to re-script, re-cast, and develop your Best story lines based on the decisions you make.

I heard a man say … “You are the sum of the decisions you’ve made for your life”

It’s solely my responsibility to protect my ear and eye gates, and to build my best Health.  I have full autonomy of my person and revel in the freedom of letting go to move forward. So I made a decision to Live My Life, giving myself over to my wildest dreams and aspirations. I give myself away, fully manifesting my Best self, my clearest decisions, and my most potent ideas, clearing the debris of my life, Refocused, Reloaded and Thriving in my “True Life.

Assessment and re-direction, re-potting and uprooting are important, sometimes we have to check and see what kind of soil we’ve given ourselves over to.

Embarking on a New Life Order …

Dream, Thrive, LIVE

#Refocused #Reloaded