Fat People Salute NYC

Fat People Salute NYC

Those of us who travel frequently and with a lil more to “carry” know that feeling of seeing the plane and wondering “will I ever be comfortable? It’s not like we cant see that the plane Is a thousand times our size, it’s the mental anguish we’ve become accustomed to simply because we’ve lived with the weight so long. So as usual I began the mental berating prior to even seeing a damn plane, as if I haven’t lost a single pound. It’s a reality that hasn’t set in just yet. And though it’s a battle I know I’ll soon conquer, I actually appreciate the mental position – I wont get comfortable. I like that part. I don’t want to get comfortable. I have new goals, but we’ll talk about those later.

I walked down the tunnel and onto the deck just before the plane door breathing a sigh of comfort, I was happy to be on yet another journey the gift of singing was taking me on. I was so excited the anxiety of getting on the plane kind of slipped my mind. Walking past the captain’s quarters cockpit then by a stewardess and through 1st Class and after finally putting my things in the overhead bin I sat down.

What I’m used to…

Wait… not only that; I sat Exit Row with no extension

No extension, yup that’s what I Said

Don’t forget, I sat down then realized that I was sitting, lol

Now I’ve sat Exit row before, but it’s yet been a maneuvering and rigging of sorts that I care not to explain at this time or any other. I’m tall and being round was a combination that did not make for comfortable flying unless it was first class. I’ve been flying business or first class for years simply because it was more comfortable.  Being signed to a major recording label and working with top industry officials made for an easy coach escape.  Now, with rebuilding all from the ground up and solo on my own coach was the better option when my flight booking happened.

What I got. Bulk head Exit row

While sitting there comfortably I recounted flying at a much heavier weight, in particular coming back from Tampa, FL and having to sit in the middle of a couple brothers in coach. We made the best and laughed our way through it but it was one of the most embarrassing moments for me. People may have thought that flying in the front was some grand standing move but in truth I had no choice.

The point is I’m happy to have gotten the experience. It felt great and liberating. And if that weren’t enough I was also able to finally use that lil damn fold out table with an inch between it and me. I almost jumped, those people didn’t know what the smile was about.

Happy Birthday to Me!

Time to get up in the air I’ll be back.



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