Get Free

I heard a man say that the best thing he’s ever done is decide to “Get Free”, telling on yourself beats and cancels any plans the adversary would have in play to throw you off track. Getting Free slows you to put the past behind you. You’ve lived it, dealt with it, and experienced it. It’s Old now so let it go, Get Free and then go Smile!

As I listened to his message I was challenged, incredibly. I haven’t been smiling and I haven’t been free. As a matter of fact even how I communicate for the most part is governed by what I think you may think if I say that! Hearing that message from an openly gay man who’d freed himself from the holds of religiosity, societal expectations, family constraints and self imposed mental jailing allowed me to see just how locked up id been.

So where do we go from here? We go up, we begin the shedding process from the inside. See, this man wasn’t speaking about some trivial small part and passing in your life. He was talking about disturbances in the foundation of how we’re made. Things, words we’ve kept hidden in our hearts as if they were treasures. I challenge you today to stand in the mirror and shout allowed every discrepancy that you have with your character; even if it’s a memory that fades in and out under particular circumstances. Let it out. Anything you think about yourself that you don’t want to be your personal truth anymore. Press. You have to press and not allow the distances to close in.

You have every right to be free, happy, full rich and compliant with the fact of who your creator has deemed you to be. You see, most often when the vision for whom you will become is cast, you are nowhere near that fullness in fruition. And guess what? That’s OK because that’s exactly where you need to be. Remember, the vision He gave you is a finished product. You Aren’t Finished Yet. Get Free so that you can continue in the fight so that you can continue to lift your hands and heart. Becoming free isn’t simply about you; there are people, hearts that will live stringer because they’ve seen you live forward.

I cannot and will not ever pretend to be pristine; I know that I’m not. I have skeletons in my closet that may still have flesh on them they’re that fresh. But what an amazing gift we have in the freedom of Christ and the path that He took so that we could be Free. Free to live, make mistakes, try things, find out who and what we are without the lingering price point of death at hand as a constant governing. I am grateful that even in my hardest of times, darkest of times, the times I know the least and understand even less than that I have the comfort of getting Free. The ability to let it go is a gift. Why harbor the ugly, even when times are at their most turmoil put on your best self and lift your own head to the hills form which commeth your help.

I’m living this medicine Right Now and It’s Good Stuff. Get Free

Thanks Andrew Anderson for such a strong word.

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