One of the major benefits of doing the Dherbs Full body Cleanse is that it rids your body of all kinds of toxins; the gunk and crud that feels like it belongs as part of your body but ultimately is destroying you.

My greatest lesson in this is happening right now.  I’m under the weather prepping to re-start my Cleanse on Monday.  My allergies have decided that they want to rule my body but I’m certain that the Cleanse can knock all of that right on out.  The best thing to do in the interim however is to feed myself fresh juice, fruits, and other “live foods”.  Remember your symptoms want you to rely on meds but if you can hold out and help the body begin to love the relief of healing through natural agents you’ll be better on the other side.

I’m learning that our body’s crave good health, we disturb it however by what we put into our bodies both directly and indirectly; we have got to assume a responsibility that most of us I’m sure have never thought about.  What I’m saying is this, how many of us forfeit our destiny by giving in to bad health.  Sure, we could say, “he/she lived their best life while here”, but what if they were still supposed to be here and have now gone on simply because they didn’t take car of themselves.  This theory is very likely; no different than someone overdosing from drugs an induced heart attach due to obesity is the same thing if not worse in my opinion.

What I’m learning is all one-step at a time, patience through the change and resilience.  Making a lifestyle change is no easy feat, consistency and belief will need to be at an all time high but even Bigger thank those is the need for Vision.  Not just the outcome but also the daily walk.  You will be distracted more often than not; life will throw curve-balls more often than not.  People will discourage you time and time again but You have to believe in the Vision you have for your better life, your True Life.

It will be hard you will work and see no results, but you have to continue to believe only then will you reach the bend of your journey enabling you to motivate to your destination.  Self-Motivation has got to become a portion of your inner make up; who you are, how you speak to your own life.

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