In Love With a Stripper

In Love With a Stripper

Had a great weekend, spent most of Saturday resting around the house.  I hit the gym 5 days in a row so my body was grateful for the rest.

But lets talk about those Patriots!!! Yup, my Team!  I literally ran out the front door into the street yelling Patriots Patriots Paaaaaatriooooooots! I was ridiculous lol and I loved every minute of it.  What I didn’t like however was not know enough recipes to make my super bowl party Super, so I went to my moms house instead of going to any parties where there’d be a ton of crap that I once had a love affair with.  I’m still craving dat gum chili dog lol.  But but worry, I’ll be prepared for the next big event. 

I’ve run into an amazing Raw chef Cynthia Jackson you can find her @RawJackson_ who does amazing things with zucchini lol.  Just wanted you guys to check out a few of her pics.  I’ve been very dedicated to the gym, but in truth I’ve been struggling with keeping the Raw part of the deal.   It wasn’t my intention to fall in love with a stripper but I think I’m falling head over heels for Raw Jackson’s stripped down Marinara sauce.  Geesh!  She makes Raw food look and taste amazing.

All of these dishes are mouth watering incredible.  My new weeks goal will be to learn how to make a few of her famous dishes and clear 10 minutes straight on the Stair Master.

ON another note;

I had a good time with my vocal students at the Lula Washington Dance Theatre too.  The babies are working on a medley for their Spring concert, its unfolding nicely.  One of my favorite things to do is to randomly choose a student each session to stand a sing a solo of their choice, just a verse and a chorus is all I ask for, nothing long.  The purple in the exercise is to break shyness and prepare them for what its like to audition.  This particular day I had no choice but to choose the shyest girl in the class as all the other present student s had already done it.  I’m so glad it happened this way.

She’s a beautiful 9 year old girlie girl.  Beautiful little chocolate smile with a big personality, until its time to sing.  Though it did take prodding she made it, and when she did, boy did she deliver.  We’d thrown out a few song choices out to her but all were vetoed she finally went over to her mom who sits in on the class and whispered something, her mom smiled she came back over to her seat.  Pulling her folder to her chest as a security blanket her lips curled and eyes got bigger and she went for it!  The baby started singing and I dat gum near started crying, not only had she found the missing piece to the medley we were putting together but she also sang words, the exact words I needed to hear.

Its funny how that happened, aye?  She finished almost out of breath and then smiled, we clapped and smiled back at her.  With my eyes watered I said, “That’s It” you found the missing piece.  I looked at her mom and said “Wow tarts exactly what I needed”  After class her mother told me “I didn’t know she was going to sing that.  She told me a different song, I didn’t see that coming.  That was the Holy Spirit at work” to that I agreed.  It’s amazing the eventful ways our Love Source chooses to love on us.  I didn’t take it lightly the big message that came from the heart of this little girl.  I felt loved and I could tell she felt free.  Shyness was no longer holding her hostage. Oh and of course I’m not gonna tell you the song here… you have to come to their concert in April. :)



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