Jacked Up at Jack In The Box: The Importance of Food Prep

Jacked Up at Jack In The Box: The Importance of Food Prep

Well I’mma gone say it! This thing is no walk in the park! Making the decision to LIVE is much easier said than Done.

I love the journey I’m on with Dherbs.com, its not always so easy though. Why? Because I like food!!! Lol. Let me tell you. A lifestyle change is something else. Yes, I I know there is plenty of Raw Food restaurants and recipe’s but who has time for that?

The other night, {thank God for mama’s} I found myself already at a breaking point. In the damn line at Jack in the Box at some odd hour.  An hour where mama’s should be nestled in bed and sleep, but thank God mine wasn’t. I’d literally just pulled into Jack in the Box. I mean I was ready.  Rationalizing with what I could have, maybe have and if I run on the treadmill an extra mile could eat when the phone rings. It was my moms, just calling to say I love you and sneak some damn wisdom and mamma guilt in. She had no idea where I was, but had words for the exact moment I was in.

“You know son, this is God giving you another chance she said.  Focus in; I know you may want to eat whatever you want after working out, but what would it be if you actually met your goal? I thought…is my mama challenging me? And how the hell she know I was bout to KILL this number #7. Lol. Of course I pulled out of the line before making it to the window. On my drive home I had a chat with myself. I asked myself Why I was doing this; losing weight. Changing my “Lifestyle” 

And it is for simply that reason. Life!!! God grants and gives and he also takes away. Months ago when I was in that hospital bed. When they told me my heart was only working 20% I was given the opportunity to Walk out of the hospital when many others with my heart condition didn’t. I recognized that I had an obligation not only to God, and myself but also to my friends and family and even more, to my community to Live. Abe, I said… Man thee F**K UP!!! Food cannot rule you, order you, make you or move you. You have everything you need inside of you to do this. You are connected to your Love Source and you were chosen to live. You Can be the change you want to see and in turn…Live.

That conversation made me pull my shit in order.

Food Prep!

I was hungry because I didn’t prepare prior to getting on the move that day, I didn’t consider myself and what I needed in my day and as a result almost fell off the bandwagon. No ma’am! We hold it down round these here parts.

My suggestion to you would be, start the week right. Sunday evening or Monday morning are great times to make sure you have breakfast lunch, dinner and snacks worked out for the week. It’s vital to survival. Doing the Dherbs Full Body Cleanse is a piece of cake; ya just can’t eat a slice…lol. There is a bunch of recipes on the Dherbs.com site that will have you feelin like you’re G. Garvin, but even if you’re no gourmet chef you can make your life easier and your stomach happy if you make sure you have prepped for the week: 

A Simple Salad with your favorite greens and a few toppers that wake up your tongue and all of those taste buds. I suggest making a salad that can handle lunch for three days in a row then create something new mid-week. The toppers are separate, Avocado, peppers, cranberries, apples, olives, snow pees, beets, artichokes etc… The fresh and alive flavors will wake your mouth up something wonderful.

For breakfast I cut up fruit and love raw granola. I chop up the fruit, melon, cantaloupe, and pineapple in a big storage bowl.  So easy and quick!  I also love a good breakfast shake. Take the same fruit, some ice add a banana and a few strawberries and ya got Life!!  I also do a mean Strawberry Spinach Shake. It’s Ugly! But Incredible, lol.

Dinner can be tricky, yup! It sure can, but that’s when I bring in heavy artillery like raw hummus, or raw tacos made from almonds, delicious. You’d never believe what you can do with a nut until you try it. I have a great recipe for the tacos. I like to make my own salsa from scratch also.

Look, I’m no expert, Yet. But I’m learning what’s working and how to stay the course.

I truly had to think about it and DECIDE. No one can see you all day, monitoring your every calorie eaten. Its all on you, if there are no results its because you didn’t produce any. You get to make your life, but you gotta play by the rules. The fun part is the journey.

I’m trying to tell you. You have to have a heart for forgiveness, meaning, there will be times when you have to pull yourself back on that horse, but even more you have to exercise Integrity. When no one is watching what kind of work are you really putting in?

I thank God for my Moms and her call that night, but I also thank God that I love myself enough to Thrive.

Lets get it yall. I’m sure some aroma’ll attack me, or craving of a delectable, savory something…and I’m fine with that…as long as the attacker is OK with limping his ass away defeated.

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