New York Nights 20 Pound Goals

I awoke in my Victorian styled room to fresh fruit; guava, pomegranate, oranges and bananas, plums, grapes and a few fruit I’d never seen before. It was a wonderful birthday morning and from the looks of the looks fruit bowl that was delivered it was going to be a sweet and adventurous birthday.

The Waldorf Astoria had been a dream of mine since I was a boy – and not simply from Eddie Murphy’s “Coming to America” which urbanized the “Astorian” Culture. But truly, I’d dreamt of the Grand Ball Room for some time not knowing that it would become a dream fulfilled. Waiting on the Lord was truly one of my better decisions; I was a guest at the Historic Waldorf that’s slept just about every President our young country has known and performed to a SOLD OUT standing room only aidiencce. What an honor it was to perform for the Honorable Shimon Peres @PresidentPeres and the fallen Heroes of the Israeli army.

Another high light of my trip to New York was the personal introduction to Alan Menken that my friend Wendy Parr gave. She’s such a Rock Star person with an amazing gift. Boo can SANG. Alan whisked us on a parade through our childhood as he perused some of the songs that helped a lot of us want to sing and live the “Broadway” life. Mr. Menken is a Hero to some. I was beyond elated to be in the room let alone getting an introduction and vocal stamp of approval from Wendy. Alan was kind, open, charismatic and warm. He took time to share with me his personal encounters with Luther Vandross, who is one of my hero’s; I was grateful for that exchange. It’s hard to imagine a legend like him just being “real” but he was and he even got his amazing daughter Anna Rose (with her sangin self) to come up and sing as he accompanied. It was a wonderful birthday experience. After that I took to the chilly streets of New York for a brisk walk. It was cold the ground icy and it snowed a bit, but I didn’t care I was in the city that never sleeps and I was nowhere near tired.

From there I met a friend and traveled to the Museum of Modern Art – it was a wonderful time and the exhibits were interesting, unfortunately by then, my phone was dead so I couldn’t take any pictures, the memory however is fixed in my head. After a long day I retired to my room.

The truth is New York was the breath of fresh air I’ve needed. I think we all have to step back and look at the work we’ve been doing, the energy we’ve been pouring out and take a glance at the results. I appreciated my trip because I’m closer to see the person I’ve been celebrating for years. That’s what this trip did for me. I’m thankful to God that while I was even at my heaviest I felt like the guy I’m becoming now. The thing now is jumping back in. You gotta jump back in. Advice I’m giving and taking. I feel like I honored my birthday and celebrated my weight loss win, It’s now time to set new goals.

Shedding the excess weight, sculpting and shaping. I have news for you world. I’m not done yet. I’m putting my best foot forward and rolling with the plan. Lose That Weight. I will see and LIVE my weight loss goal and Dherbs is going to help me Champion that goal. So grab your cleanses, guys, by visiting

I have a new 20 pound goal and I know I can make it. Join your boy and lets get Goal!



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