Phuck This I’m Cool

The first thing I do when I wake up is sit up on the side of the bed, have a glass of water and 5 capsules. I make my way to the kitchen to prepare my Green Abominator (I find that a Green Juice with less of the sugars of fruit get me moving better) and before you know it it’s time for 5 more of those damn capsules. I move into my day and then by noon another round of you guessed it! Capsules. Baby, I got so tired of those capsules that I almost quit on their ass’s.

Green Abominator and the Full Body Cleanse

True story. I just got tired and it became burdensome; at least that’s how I felt before I weighed in. Lol. Once I saw that scale though I was On Board. Now the truth is 30 capsules a day can become a bit tiring but we have to consider our goal. Or maybe I had to consider my goal. Remember, I already take 13 pills a day to control my heart disease, and on top of that 30 extra pills! Yeah, that’s crucial folks, but its all a part of my goal. FFL Fight For Life, yes, that’s right… I choose life and it’s that simple.

On my way to the gym, had to check the Gym-Fit.

Now lets talk about our choices in choosing. Some of you will never want the gym and believe it was actually created to help you live a better life. After all, pain doesn’t feel so good. It took a bit of personal pushing to get me to the place I am now. Actually enjoying my gym runs, hikes etc. Don’t worry; you’ll get there one foot in front of the other. I’m not in love with pain, but I am in love with me!

Find your source for cardio. I do the treadmill and elliptical, but you may prefer walking in a park; whatever it IS, find it and don’t stop until you conquer your goal. We, yes me included have got to kill that seed in ourselves that only wants to go “part” of the way. Naw baby you’ve got to push. Like tonight, I wanted to stop before I hit my 3-mile mark. I could here me telling myself it was ok to quit, so I jumped in…my Superman self I mean… I jumped in and bitch slapped the hell out of defeat; there are no doubts, there is no quitting. I asked myself “If you quit now, who loses? Abraham”. Never give up on yourself. I pushed through and made it happen.

Today’s Abominator with a Celery Boost

Now lets talk about this leaf eating, fruit grabbing, nut smashing, live-food nibbling, water drinking, no sugar having situation I done signed up for. Baaaaaaaby, I almost slapped the hell out of whoever created the words Raw Diet. Trick! Please!!! Everybody needs Mac n Cheese, Fried Chicken, Potato Salad, Rolls… (Lord let me stop I’m making myself hungry!) No, but truly, Raw Dieting is an uphill climb in the beginning. I remember when it felt like the damn time had stopped; lord is it really only 1p.m. in the afternoon. OMG! That was some fight I was having with myself. I couldn’t believe I’d signed up for this shit! No this and no that, even the things I’d believed were healthy for years, turns out that stuff was no good too! (Lol, I wasn’t eating that stuff either though anyway, lol).

This is my point, yes its hard, oh and it does get HARDER. It’s not about the food though. Food is simply survival. Nothing more, nothing less.   How long you live and survive is on you and what you’re choosing to put in your body. I told you, I Choose Life. That doesn’t mean that I don’t want some of the foods I mentioned earlier on, it means that they no linger rule me. The portion sizes have changed for the things I still want to enjoy (I reserve for my Sunday Funday) and other things, well, I just don’t indulge in any more. I eat a lot of salads that have a lot of great veggies. But don’t think we’re limited to that. No ma’am, there are all sorts of tasty vittles available and a growingnumber of Raw Restaurants in the city, its about slipping a great pair of sneakers and hitting the pavement. I’m no expert, I’m out here trying like you baby, choosing life. For those of us who like to cook, check out the site for recipes. They’re awesome for things like that. Listen, there’s no reason we should have to suffer, after all we want a fuller life, usually everything is better with a fuller life, including the food. We chose a Live Life sentence, not a death one, so why should our taste buds have to die.

I haven’t been as good as of late with posting what Ive been eating, but I’ll do better…but you have to share too! Blog, take photos, Inspire.



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