I woke up today feeling alive and ready to rock.  I took the weekend to do nothing but sleep, it was wonderful.  I slept every which way I could.  Lol.  I mean really!  Anyway, all that did was get me ready for my one week assessment.  I started working with a coach to help align my body; my balance was off terribly and so was a bunch of other stuff.  As I’m moving forward I don;t want to become victim to my weight loss.  Meaning I lost a bunch of weight but paid no attention to the need to recalibrate my body.

I’m sure that I’ve said it before, my mind is catching up with the weight that I’ve lost.  I still a lot of times calculate how I’m going to move around, move though crowds, sit in chairs, even lean up against a wall.  A lot of the training I do involves core, balance, and resistance.  I’m noticing more that my body wants to be given the chance to support it’s new weight; I’m more agile, sharp and strong.  Not simply losing fat but gaining a body, a shape.

This morning I jumped into my day with stretching and a winning attitude.  I hit the gym for a couple miles on the treadmill then moved on to Kenneth Hhan Park where I met my trainer.  We started with step ups, I remember when I first did those joints, first five steps I was ready to rest, today I did a minute and a half on each leg without a sweat.  Then I hit the mile walk and cut that time down, bust the push ups and a couple other exercises and it was a wrap.  I felt so good to look my guy in the face knowing that I came in to win and did just that was rich.

No one could have told me two weeks ago that I’d be jumping and stepping and doing push ups- it’s a great feeling.  I’m on a rocket-ship and there’s no coming down.




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