Me and Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacy hanging out at the IPAC Conference

Today was a beautiful experience; I knocked a bunch of errands out including the grocery store, hit the gym, hung with my god mom for her birthday, saw my aunt and then finally landed at Regal Cinemas L.A. Live.  Along with Councilman Curren Price (9th District) and the Centurion Fire Fighters I was invited to procure talent from the Selma film for a private screening and Q&A panel for 700 high school students.

Henry Sanders who played 84 year old Cager Lee in the Selma Film. Thank you again Henry for supporting me the Councilman and our efforts

I’d heard a few things about the Selma film that caught my ear, namely that songstress Ledisi would be playing Mahalia Jackson and my dear friend Niecy Nash also had a role. Of course with the Best Picture Oscar nod, Common and John Legend getting tapped to perform the media has kept the film face forward in the public eye. But the silence of David Oyelowo getting snubbed in the Best Actor category is much louder in my ears, particularly after experiencing his portrayal of Dr. King my heart literally aches at the reality that he wont be recognized at this years show. I understand that Best Picture celebrates the overall work, the nod says a lot about the cast to the creative team and crew that’s fine that’s awesome. But I need David to be celebrated, honored etc., he truly took us back to the very moment we believed. Wonderfully shot and directed by History making Ava DuVernay scoring nods at both the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards.

Why is any of this important? Not simply because the film chronicles the road taken in securing the right to vote for Blacks and other races, but the it also for me unveils King’s undying commitment to The Commitment. As I watched Oyelowo’s portrayal there were several moments where I couldn’t help but think about the weight loss road I’m on. Yes I know its nowhere near the same thing but still I feel the connection between doing what you’re doing for a greater audience who might not otherwise know, believe that its possible.

For me King personified and then championed the phrase “Obedience is Greater than Sacrifice” There are days when I want to eat what I want and I damn sure want to skip the gym…lol. But every time I receive an email or note, a post or a text about the progress you’re making out there because you’re seeing that I’m doing it. I see your videos and pictures, I see your “shares” of my videos and blogs and the truth is, you continue to inspire me to continue on.

Councilman Price and #Actor #HenrySanders #SelmaFilm Hosting 700 students in a private Q&A viewing at #RegalCinemas #DTLA Waiting on two more buses of kids. Happy I was able to coordinate Mr. Sanders participation thanks to @niecynash1

Tonight was powerful, I thought of my mother, my grandmother and their struggles coming up and forging a way during a time when our country barely considered blacks as humans. They had to fight, push, carry and pull. And that’s just what we’re gonna do. No sideline sitting or standing. We have got to get moving and progressive in our journey to helping America. Every post, every pound lost every mountain climbed every video uploaded is a help and white flag flying. We have got to take hold of the obesity epidemic and fight.

I cant say that I have all of the answers, I just know that I believe that helping myself could possibly inspire someone to take their healthcare more seriously. Believe it or not food can be addictive and can destroy entire worlds. Raw dieting, Dherbs, the treadmill and elliptical the swimming pool and weight room are all tools in busting obesity right in the face. Lets go and lets get it. Set a plan in order and get active daily. You have to do something to help and when you do, you’ll look up and see an army of people behind you championing with you in your journey, lifting you up and gaining the strength themselves to Make Life Happen.

Seeing the film was inspiring for me, a film I encourage the world to see.Those truths, stories, those lives are a part of the everyday freedoms we all enjoy now. I was grateful tonight because I was a part of sharing Dr. King and those who stood alongside him story with 700 high school students who literally stood in ovation at a few of the high points in the film. My heart was in delight knowing that this history had not fallen of deaf ears and that they if nothing else were able to digest a portion of America’s history.



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