Slapped, Kicked, Drugged Out and Standing…Again

Slapped, Kicked, Drugged Out and Standing…Again

2010 at my heaviest weight 415lbs

Sometimes the ass kicking you need is one you definitely didn’t ask for. I say this because I’ve spent the past three or four days trying to pick my face up off the floor. There are times when you will need to hear what you didn’t ask for anyone to say. Be grateful.

I wanted to start this Monday blog with an upbeat you can do it type message, and it would have been nice to have that kind of pick me up, especially with me starting up the Full Body Cleanse round 2…but no such thing today. I’ve spent the weekend digesting every gift I’ve gotten from my mentors this past week. Oh and the ass whoopings I got too!

They posed hard questions, questions I had not considered in my accepting the challenge of a weight loss journey or life for that matter. Why are you doing this? What do you want people to learn? What made you quit the first time? Why now? And the Powerful earth shaking question, what is your message? Wow what a series of questions but “What Is Your Message” continued to resonate with me and seemingly though none of my mentors know one another they all were asking the same questions. So, instead of going out and doing a bunch, my usual weekend roundup up, I took the weekend to do absolutely nothing aside from ask myself these questions over and over again and hit 24 Hour Fitness.

Though I have not come up with answers for all, I had to truly dig deep to understand why joining the Dherbs family has become a vital part of my Fight-for-Life. You will continue to see me use FFL and I hope you’ll join me. What’s my message? “I Choose To Live”,You Are Exactly Who God Says You Are. Now I get that not all will ascribe to this thought, but it IS my message that God can do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we ask or think and I think I can do this so I know it will happen.

July of 2014 I had a choice to make, LIVE or DIE. I was told I’d have to take 15 pills a day for the rest of my life because I have a heart disease. Something I am choosing not to accept. Which will you choose? I chose to LIVE. And that’s my Message: I Choose To Live!!! I have taken on the cleanse and everything that comes with it because I Choose To Live, “FFL” babi!!! You’ve got to Choose Life. Every step, every breath, every push is about Life and the truth that we have a choice; a choice that some don’t realize is just that, a choice. I completely believe that I am Fearfully and Wonderfully made, Strong, Brave and Courageous but that doesn’t change the fact that weight loss is an up hill battle until you Make The Choice.

Sounds simple enough, but it wasn’t for me. I thought that I was doing well because I’m actually losing the weight but if there is no heart behind what I’m doing I’m bound to gain it all back. Yes ladies and gentlemen the Full Body Cleanse is only a portion of what needs to happen in order to see this thing through. So with that, I commit myself to becoming my better self. I stand up in a sea of folks lying down to be the difference.

Dherbs partnered with a healthy live food diet and a weekly exercise regimen is the way. I’m not the best at videoing, writing or Raw food recipes but man, I swear ya’ll, we are gonna rock this thing out. Hear me when I say!!!!! There are so many ways to cheat, surgeries, liquid diets etc…but who needs that? What we need is hard work, dedication, transparency, and most of all, SELF LOVE.

I continue to say, I Love Me, but it took some serious time to get there. Losing weight is great, but gaining yourself is better. Start there. I had to ask myself; why are you not pouring 100% of yourself into this? Why are you not giving yourself the true chance you deserve? I found that the answers to these questions were directly connected to how I feel about the vision and myself or lack there of. God says, “My people perish from a lack of vision”, that’s not some limited biblical mumbo jumbo. That was truly the issue. I could not see the change inside. Yes, I got to a place where I fully love myself, I like AB, I’m a great guy but when they’d tell me just how far I could take life with the Full Body Cleanse I couldn’t believe it simply because I could not see it.

Believe it or not, you have got to see that thing, Vision. So much is promised to the living. Choose Life and the rest is a snowball waiting to roll its way down a hill and into your favorite new pair of jeans.

So for those of US who know we want the change, we want to lose the weight we want to regain our strength, power and dignity Stand UP. Make some noise in that gym, claw up that hill, push that bike pedal around a few more times, find a pool to swim in and a Raw or Vegan restaurant to eat at. Stock your fridge with gifts from Gods garden, eat better, exercise more and keep chipping away at that waistline dream.

This is my public commitment to my vision. I will Fight-For-Life, I Choose Life



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