The Astral Plane

So, when you look up Astral Plane it gives you some deep definition relating to religion, medieval esoteric yada yada, blah blah…and what not. I will challenge you today however to accept my definition for fun-sake.

The Astral Plane is the space you go to mentally that allows you to connect directly with your future self. I.e. the person you want and hope to be. At some point in our growing, evolving lives we begin to desire a direct path, connection to our future. We want know exercise our knowledge of self and the riches of the experiences we have already had here on this grand earth. What happens when we “meet” ourselves in the “Astral Plane?

We gain more core control of our emotions, our expectations and our direction.

The Astral Plane in this case unites us with our desire to become identified by our True Life and not our physical presence. What we think we look like physically in a lot of cases unfortunately determines how we feel about ourselves. Think about it, when you wear your favorite pair of shoes, or a garment that compliments your shape, you “Feel” good, so much so that your temperament changes. There’s something to “feeling” right? Well that feeling, that sense, that knee jerk, that rumbling in your belly, that fire that’s starting to flame, Baby that’s your “Higher” self needing to get to the Astral Planes, it’s you needing to Get Free. Not just from the physical entrapment of a failing body but from the tireless wrestling going on in your mind.

The Astral Plane is where you make sense to You! Nothing anyone else says matters, nothing un-you is factored into your Astral Plane Equation. You Are It, You Are Enough. Its from this seat that we who have committed ourselves to the W.O.U.S.H Life “Workout Until Something Happens” become “Supernatural”. That’s right baby you have a Super Power. It activates every time you stand up claiming your place on this earth, not allowing your physical conditions to defy or define you. Living in the Astral Plane of your life requires that you be Super! Super Determined, Disciplined and Hungry for your True Life.

I don’t profess to having all of the answers but what I do know is that Fearing the unknown keeps you living in your right now…and right now you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired. So get up, join me in the Astral Planes; the highest place on earth, your own Good life. Live It With Me. #GetFree

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