The Weekend Roundup: Week 2

The Weekend Roundup: Week 2

I have to admit, there is definitely an ongoing struggle between good and evil… Good food vs. Bad food. Now I’ve had my fair share of both. But I’m seeing the results of fine decision making now more than ever. You see the weekend is usually when I’ll have that one good cheat meal a week; nothing too crazy, like a whole ham or something, lol, but taking liberties that I wouldn’t normally while on the Full Body Cleanse.

When I started this journey I’d placed it in my mind what I wanted to accomplish. Weight, physical, etc…more than anything I wanted to change my mind about food. You see food had become an agent in my life, a reason to or not to do some things. Sometimes food could even govern my schedule, calendar. Truly. I mean I would decide if I wanted company; to go out, hang with friends etc all biased on whether or not I needed an “eating session” in the privacy of my own quarters. I was addicted and didn’t even know it.

Food though can have that effect. I’m sure it’s original intention was to be a fuel source for our bodies. We are pretty much lucky that it tastes so good. I imagine what our cars and engines feel when gurgling down gas, cars don’t care what it tastes like, they just care that it makes them work! I’m challenging myself this week to skip over every distraction that will keep me from my goal. I’m going to look at those cookies, cakes and pies as if my very existence depends on me getting past the hurdles of cravings that come. I’ll admit, last week I didn’t do so well. I spent time beating myself up afterwards and that’s worse than eating the food.

Look, I’m honest with you guys because I want to be and also because accountability counts for a Lot! We are only as strong as our weakest link. I am a work in progress no different than you. I only want to see US win, but that takes some new beginnings and trials. I am committed to my path and will reach my goals.

I started my day with a New way of thinking, and a bowl of cantaloupe! Lol. I know we can become weak at times, but at times does not have to be a lifetime. Get up, start again and believe you can win.

I’m grateful for my fails, because they help me to see how high I’d climbed before falling, and that distance will be met and surpassed.

Lets make the week count guys. This weekend I ate, I went to the gym, I partied and Got up this morning determined to Make Life Happen. You should do the same!

Live Life Expecting.



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