The Weekend Roundup: Week 4

What it do America! Yes, you guessed it, I’m a happy guy today I’ve been having a ball, feeling good and making life happen! And before I make this next week happen, I need to tell on myself. Yes. Your fearless leader got smacked in the face by a fried chicken thigh, a piece of chocolate cake and a few pieces of bacon. Now of course this didn’t all happen on the same day…but that s#*t did happen. And in case you’re wondering, I did enjoy it. It was mmm, mmm, mmmmmmmmm, good. Lol.

Let Talk About It

The New Year brought great hope and cheer, along with an unbearable craving; I mean I felt it deep in my gut, lol. It was a strong calling that I just couldn’t get away from no matter what I tried to eat to “trick” the craving. Look! I know I sound crazy lol, but that’s beside the point. I’d just cleared my cleanse-free-week from the Dherbs Full Body CleanseBreaking: working out and eating clean while not taking Dherbs supplements. You do eventually run out and have to refill. 

So, as I was saying, I had just cleared my cleanse-free-week and I wanted to prove to myself that I could push right through and make it buuuut I failed. Not miserably though because I enjoyed the break. Now, I didn’t break the bank, I partnered two chicken thighs with a side salad and watermelon. Choices help us make the race. Admittedly I definitely took a few liberties but that all ended today. After mom Mom’s B-day brunch at Hamburger Mary’s, which was an absolute ball. I mean they was a lively show with lots of surprises. I couldn’t help but chuckle when I looked down to see two older white gentlemen blushing at the sight and not amused at all by the parade of Drag Queen’s adorning the stage. Moms was a glow the entire afternoon, I’m sure the three mimosas helped.

Believe it or not, this weekend was a rather quiet one. I did the gym, drank some beat juice (fresh pressed) ate some bacon, ya know. I kept it light. Oh! But my New Year’s evening was absolutely amazing. I worked with my friend Raqual on our annual church watch night service. This year’s theme, “On The Mark” an All White event. We’re a bit extra’d out but it was all to the good J. Our resident thespian Lady S. wrote a two-act monologue based original piece, the Praise team sang, the Dancers danced and Family Feud almost stole the night. We had breakfast prepared for after the church hang from Ms. Silvi but of course the highlight of the night was prayer.

Lead by our gir’ Pastor C, we joined hands around the church on our knees. Young and old, locked in arm. If someone needed to lean, they had a shoulder to lean on. It was beautiful to see and to experience. I remember what my New Year celebrations once were but this was a new height on my life-list. Grateful to share my Holiday Season with my Mom’s sister and brother, I’ve been very reflective during this time and I realize that we may not always get along, live in the same city or state, we will have differences and arguments too, but what ties us together is stronger, more real and ironclad, family love is irreplaceable and I’m glad that though they asses wear me out sometimes, I always have them. My family.

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