You’re moving at no one else’s pace so keep it steady, focus on your own race, keep the momentum and you’ll see your progress. Remember this, every time you put a fork into your mouth that’s a new set of calories you’re adding to your body. If you want to win this race it’s not simply about hitting the gym, hitting the treadmill the elliptical and a bunch of weights, it’s about a state of mind and the decisions we choose to make.

The decision to be on the Full Body Cleanse is also a commitment to healthy living and a change in diet. Let’s see the cleanse through and make our dreams come true. I know I’m not the only one who dreams of walking in a store and buying something off the rack, I know I’m not the only one who when I sit down at a restaurant I’m concerned the people are watching what I’ve decided to order and I couldn’t be the only one who feels a hint of guilt when I decide to put something into my body that doesn’t celebrate the change I’ve decided to make.

So if you’re with me lets not just raise a glass, lets change what we’re putting on our Forks.  Who wants to win with me?

I started my day today with a fruit smoothie; if you don’t know how to make them at home yourself your neighborhood juice bar is even better. Jamba juice or even some of the Starbucks serve freshly pressed juice. Add to that, a bowl of mixed fruit; cantaloupe, honeydew melon, tangerine, and a few blueberries; my breakfast was wonderful.

After my first workout today, hitting the stairs and doing a few laps at the neighborhood park I had a red pear an Orange and 16 ounces of water.

For dinner I had an orange fiber smoothie, almonds, Roma tomatoes and an avocado.  I sprinkled a bit of pepper, cayenne, garlic pepper and a bit of Himalayan sea salt.

Today was definitely a super day for my diet I didn’t get hungry once, thats maybe because snacks were had throughout the day.  Mixed Raw Nuts from Trader Joe’s, almonds, a banana, I hit the gym and ended my day right.

I’m new like you, not the best at what we’re doing just yet. I make silly decisions with what I eat at times, I work out when my energy is at its lowest, all kinds of silly stuff, nevertheless I continue to move forward.

Look, enjoy your day I’m about to go hit these young stairs.

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