Thursday – When All Hell Breaks Loose

Woke up this morning to my neighbor baming extremely hard on my door “hurry up, their towing our car!!! Of course without fail I was up and outside before my truck was rolled onto a flatbed. “Hello, hello, what’s going on here, I was not parked in the red” I exclaimed. “Well you have $1,100.00 worth of parking tickets” the attendant said to me and continued to proceed with moving my car onto the bed.

I came to find out that the DMV, which we all hail, as the “land of the unnecessary attitude” is only a collection agency and in fact had not forwarded my “PAID” monies to the City of LA in turn causing the City of LA to move forward with confiscating my vehicle. A bill I had paid back in October of 2014, October 7th, 2014 to be exact. Needless to say a wrench was thrown into f my day effecting all I had planned including my trip to the gym.

Well, what was I to do? I spent 3 hours at the DMV in Inglewood for what literally took 3 whole minutes then traveled to the LA City parking bureau to catch them in their final 10 minutes of service. The young lady explained to me that though the DMV made the mistake I was yet responsible for their action or lack of. While she was talking all I could think about was three things, “man! Moms birthday is coming up, how was I gonna get to the gym and wow, once I give them this dough how will I tithe? First of all I was disillusioned I could not believe this was happening and even with my having paid the bill months ago there was enough bureaucratic bullshit in place that I still had to come up with $1,375.00 to take care of the bill including a tow.

Surprisingly I did not pass out yall. I mean really! I thought I’d lose it in a situation like this but not at all. Instead, the funny part is all I could think about was working out. So what did I do? I walked my ass off. Yup. No complaining just walking. And I felt better too. I walked to work at with my kids, I walked to the grocery store, I walked to the bank. I mean my ass walked everywhere and felt like a straight New Yorker getting it in.

I was worried about getting my workout in so I made my daily schedule the workout! Not saying that I prefer it ALL this way, but it was a good thing in a funny kind of way. Remember I always say “Set New Goals” I had no choice but to rock with new goals. By the way, my walk to work was about 25 minutes power walking too. When I came through the door by chance Ms. Lula was standing at the front desk she turned and immediately asked with a sly smirk “Did you run here? I quickly replied, “Not quite a run, but a brotha power-walked his but off to get here. I was proud and excited that I accomplished the goal. I had said a week or so before that I wanted to walk one day and well, it happened! Good stuff.

Oh, also, my phone had gone down so I don’t have one photo of all of the beautiful sights seen as I strolled my community. I really did have an awesome time.

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