Your Best Foot Forward

Your Best Foot Forward

The shoe matters, I don’t mean my shoes should matter to you, but what shoes you workout in, walk in, they matter. They also decide how well you enjoy the workout and the distance you’ll go on a treadmill or a hike. The shoe matters! Being uncomfortable and trying to live with it, stick it out is a no, no. You have to make sure you’re thinking about your total health, your feet are the true stars in your journey. Yes, your self will and the Dherbs Cleanse is great but if your feet quit, ya ass is out of luck. Choose shoes that have great support, and make you feel good. You’ll want to be your best self while pressing into your new lifestyle and having a shoe that keeps you from thinking about your feet is definitely a key factor.

I definitely had been feeling it; I mean them, my feet, I mean. I had been looking forward to getting new kicks, sneakers, and running shoes; but was dreading the cost. I have uhm, wellllll, a foot I’m sure nobody’s mama would have wanted to buy shoes for. I was a size twelve by 12, and now a size fourteen. I was trying to make my old shoes work for as long as I could, mostly because they were broken in. But when my 5-year-old niece said ”Uncle, you need neeeeew shoessss”… In public and with that cute little, “there’s nothing you can say…we’re in public Uncle” smirk, I knew it was time.

So off I went, traipsing into the day with a few errands to run, but top of the list was “New Shoes” lol. At the encouragement of a friend I decided to go to Nordstrom Rack. What is this wondrous place I thought while walking the aisles for shoes. Met a bunch of cool people and got to hang with a friend for a bit. I was amazed at the deals I saw…No really. A wide variety in the men’s section guarantees I’ll make it back to do some real damage at a later date.

Anyways, this brings me to the highlight of my day, well, kinda; I had a pretty darn cool day. I finally found stylish, reasonably priced running/walking shoes. And I mean multiple pair, lol. I landed at a pair of Asics; I trusted the brand, I liked how long the first pair I had lasted and well, they made ma` foot look cool!

I make such a big deal about this because I was having a tough time keeping with my regimen. I was of course going to the gym, and doing the work but my feet would feel so terrible afterwards that I may as well had stayed home. The cleanse will do what its going to do, you have to stick with it and make it happen, having the best footwear for yourself only makes the journey that much smoother.

You have to put your Best foot forward. Literally! 



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