Ericka Baldwin: A new chapter

Day 2

Day 2- 10/26 Today is my second day and let me tell you that I must have ate something wrong within the last few weeks or so. I finished my first day pills and activated charcoal just fine. When I awoke this morning, I have an incredible pain in my stomach. I chalked it up to the cleanse and went about getting ready. My partner ever so kindly informed me that she took 3 bowel movements for the morning and it must be her cleanse. I told her to relax and everything would…

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Let The Cleansing Begin!

I started my cleanse yesterday on 10/25. My partner also started her 10 day blood cleanse which is a morale booster for me knowing that I don’t have to do this entirely alone. Unlike myself, I didn’t prepare my meals for the first day. I ended up eating stir fried rice with avocado for lunch. Dinner- steamed broccoli, carrots, and roasted peanuts. I wouldn’t say that I did terrible but I wish I followed the plan. Because of my guilt, I went to the grocery store and bought berries, apples, sweet potatoes, more…

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Waiting Time

I finally made the purchase for my second 20 Day Full Body Cleanse. I cannot wait until I get it within the mail. My first cleanse helped me with eliminating 75% meat intake along with junk food. I do not eat much foods containing high fructose corn syrup. I’m hoping that this round will help with eliminating more of my meat intake and of course help with my overall well being. The cleanse also helped with clearing my mind, in which I had more opportunities to read. I’ve balanced myself and my chakras, found…

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