Day 2

Day 2

Today is my second day and let me tell you that I must have ate something wrong within the last few weeks or so. I finished my first day pills and activated charcoal just fine. When I awoke this morning, I have an incredible pain in my stomach. I chalked it up to the cleanse and went about getting ready.

My partner ever so kindly informed me that she took 3 bowel movements for the morning and it must be her cleanse. I told her to relax and everything would be alright. Well boy did I eat those words! I too took three bowel movements before leaving the house for work. Considering this, we (I) must have been really backed up.

After emptying the cock-pit, I became famished!!! I packed a few raspberries and blackberries for breakfast along with an apple. I ate everything immediately and an hour later my hunger continued. Around 10-10:30, I decided to eat my left over broccoli and carrots, which was fine. Around 12 I became hungry again and decide to head out for a salad. Well, fooled myself because instead of a salad from Subway, I bought a veggie sandwich, which I do often. The sandwich was on multi-grain flatbread and included a veggie patty, spinach, tomato, onions, oil and vinegar. YUM!!!
I have to watch it with the Subway, I may not achieve my optimal results if I continue to much on the veggie patties that I loooove so much.

The day is still young, so I will fill you in tomorrow on the rest.

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