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Day Seven

Today was actually the best day thus far. I drank a green smoothie for breakfast. My snack was green apple and grapes with cashew butter. For lunch and dinner I ate a salad consisting of romaine lettuce, spinach, radicchio, cucumber, carrot and tomato. I added avocado to the salad for dinner. Last week I tried to drink half my body weight in water but I struggled so much. I am doing much water with drinking water now.

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Day Six

Day four and five was somewhat derailed because of a family emergency. I am back on track on day 6. Surprisingly, the cleanse has not been too difficult. My headache is completely gone and I think I am getting used to just eating vegetables, fruits and nuts. I have made a decision to stick to a vegan diet.

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Day Five

Unfortunately, day four was not at all good. Not because I was in pain or hungry or anything to do with the FBC. I had a family emergency and did not remember to take most of my pills. I missed two sets of pills but was able to take the last the two. I hope that’s not going to affect my progress. This morning I forgot my pills at home but I will take them anyway. I have actually lost seven pounds so far. I will not give up. I am counting…

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Day Four

I am starting on day four of my FBC. Day three was actually a lot better than the two other days. My headache was reduced significantly. For breakfast I made a green smoothie with kale, apple, flax seed and something else, I don’t remember. It was awful, so unfortunately I could not stomach it so I didn’t finish it. For lunch I ate a salad consisting of spinach, cucumber, tomatoes and apple. I was not hungry for dinner but ate some cashews. Cashews have been saving me. Hope I didn’t eat…

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Day Three of my FBC

Yesterday was very difficult for me. My head was hurting so much that I could not really concentrate. I found out that my body was detoxing from aspartame and caffeine. On Sunday I had a cappuccino and a diet coke and I started my cleanse on Monday. That was a bad idea. Today is my third day and my headache is still there but not as bad as yesterday. I am still holding on.

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Day One of my FBC

Well today I started on my cleanse. I underestimated the preparation I needed to complete before going to work. Needless to say, I forgot so many things I wanted to do. I know better now to prepare the night before. The day was not bad though. I did get very hungry but I stuck to it. I had a green smoothie in the morning and a salad for lunch. I did eat some fruits in between. I realize that I have to expand my shopping list. Maybe tomorrow will be…

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