Day 12-The smell of coffee

Day 12-The smell of coffee

Today I was awaken by the aromatic smell of coffee. The amazing thing
is no one in my house drinks coffee, and my wife was not at home and
my son was at school. As I lay in bed the smell got stronger, almost
like someone had brought a cup of coffee to me while I was sleeping.
I could smell the flavor, almost like a vanilla bean. It had to be
one of my neighbors. A few days, after having been on the Detox, my
sense of smell increased tremendously. It wasn’t, but a few years ago
were I had decided that one of my senses was becoming dulled with
age. Boy, was I wrong. I can smell things down the block and the
depth of the smell goes in very deeply.

The Detox continues to remind me of how much i’ve developed over my
lifetime. Having done pineapple/watermellon and Water focuses for 30
days and 10 days. I have the endurance already set up to get through
the Detox with relative ease. The herbs are still sometimes
frustrating to me, and I really have a taste for some baked chicken,
but other than that, there has been a great ease to it.

I miss a few food, chicken mostely, but I haven’t had a craven for
coca cola or other things that I thought I couldn’t live without. My
weight has leveled off a bit, but I know there will be another push
in a few days. Having done Juice focuses over the years I know that
there is a time were the body goes into stagnation and has to be
jumped started again. I suspect that will happen in a day or two.
Meanwhile I am enjoying being lighter and look forward to more.

My wife and son continue to encourage me as well as my good friend
who got me started on this. Now all I want to know is CAN I EAT A