Day 14 – Inch by Inch

When I started the Detox decided to take some measurements so I could have a reference point to if there would be any changes in my body. Sometimes actual data is very useful.

Here is what my day one measurements looked like

Body type Day 1

46 inch waist

48.5 inch stomach

42 inch chest

I was surprised at some of the numbers and they definitely demonstrated why I needed to do something about my health and body. It’s funny how over time our bodies change if we don’t monitor and take care of it.

On Day 14 I measured myself again and here is what the measurements look like now.

Body type Day 14

43.5 inch waist -2.5 inches from Day 1

42 inch stomach -6.5 inches from Day 1

41 inch chest -1 inch from Day 1

As you can see there have been some definite losses since I started the Detox. Those losses have led to Gains.


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