Day 16-Encouragement

Day 16-Encouragement

Today was all about people around me who luvv me giving me words of
encouragement from their hearts. It first starts with my wife, Gail.
She has been in my corner forever. I call her my “great woman”. She
is beautiful and while we deal with all the things that people who
have been married for 18 years, I wouldn’t do it any other way. I
did the Detox first of all for me. I was feeling sluggish, stagnant
and Lethargic. I also did the Detox as a way of hopefully hanging
around here for a few extra years, to see my son grow up and to
continue learning to luvv Gail. I can really feel the health benefit
of the herbs that are part of the detox program.

I play golf regularly at a place call Penmar by the sea in Santa
Monica. The course is a beautiful 9 hole golf course in the middle
of the city surrounded by trees and and lush grass. At the Penmar
course there is the Penmar coffee shop, that is run by Gus. Gus is a
tough,but fair guy who says what he feels, and feels what he says.
You feel it too. The Penmar coffee shop has great burgers, hot dogs
and chicken and steak sandwiches. I ordered a salad and then spoke
to Gus about what I was doing. He noticed the weight loss and
commented on how he was concern because I had gained a lot of weight
since he first met me. He reminded me when I told him(about 3 years
ago) that I was going to cut back on fries. As I was leaving he
looked at me with a lot of luvv and said keep it up.

The detox has been fun and not too challenging. I look forward to the
next steps.