Day 18- I want chicken

Today was a tough day from a food standpoint. I am ready to add chicken to my meals. I like the newness of my food regiment, but feel it’s time to make some adjustments. The raw food component of the detox has taught me some great deal about meals that I can prepare for myself that are both tasty and healthy. After not having chicken or steak for 19 days it has began wearing on me just a little. Both are sources of protein and I have been a meat eater for all my life. I don’t think that will change. What will change and what has changed is feeling that I need meat at every meal.

As I struggled through the day. I did have some fun along the way. I played golf with some friends and my son and played more poker at night. So it was a fun day. Near the end of the night I re-discovered cucumbers and that brought a great ending to the day. They were crunchy and tasty with some garlic and virgin olive oil. I still want chicken, but the cucumbers were a good substitute for now.




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