Day 19 and 20 the final chapter for now.

Well, I am finished with the detox and I must say from the beginning I was skeptical of the detox process. To me it was like with Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz was trying to find the Wizard to assist her to get back home, to only find out that Wizard wasn’t a wizard at all. What the Wizard did give her was the ability to have the faith that her desire to be home could take her home. The detox is very much like that. It has the ingredients to assist you, but you have to do the work. It won?t do it for you.

What I luvved about the process was what I learned about my health and myself. My skin is smoother, my eyes are clearer and the weight loss really has assisted my movement.

My measurements went down as well as my blood pressure. Here are he results.

Day 1 Body type

46-inch waist

48.5 stomach

42-inch chest

Day 14 body type

43.5-inch waist

42-inch stomach

41-inch chest

Day 20 body type

42-inch waist

42-inch stomach

41-inch chest.

Blood Pressure

122/75 down from 151/91

The Detox has brought greater clarity to my thought process and while I can?t say the process was a bowl of Cherries, it was absolutely in the flow for me to do it and to learn from it.

I hope you’ve learned something from this blog, I certainly have.


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