Day 2

Like I said in my Day one transcript. I’ve done many food focuses before and as for now this seems a little easier. The food focuses I’ve done before examined my conscience and soul. Imagine doing pineapple alone for 30 days, followed with 30 days of eggs and 3 days of air. The detox seems like doing jail time at a country club in many ways. You are doing the time, but have all the amenities of home right there in front of you. The plethora of raw foods that you can eat is like a food smorgasbord.

Body wise I am feeling okay. No huge weight loss yet, but I have been having more regular bowel movements. I luvv my shits, and for a long time I haven’t had the bodily pleasure of going to the library and really reading and releasing. This part has been fun. My son, Pharoah, asked me about what I was doing. He couldn’t believe that I am on track not to drink coca cola or soda for 21 days. We started talking about the vegan lifestyle and how even more intense this was, no cheese, no diary, no bread. Now I luvv meat, so that part has been a little difficult, but getting through it.

I also found out that providing a slippery slope for the herbal pills really helps. Fruit smoothies help the pills go down a lot better.

One other thing I noticed is that I am speaking to people more directly and honestly. Maybe the clogged arteries were impacting my brain related speech patterns. I feel like I have rediscovered the irritant side of me. That is the side that I say what the hell I want to say, put a lot of luvv on it, and then keep moving.

Hey I just found a website that has raw cracker and cookies. This I have check out.

More to come.

Jerome Green
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