DAY 3 & 4 Peace and Reflection

Today started out with me waking up from a sleep of serenity. I woke up so peaceful and rested. I normally sleep about 3-4 hours a day and was diagnosed a year a go with high blood pressure. The doctor prescribed some medicine, but I’ve never been a medicine guy. I always either deferred the pain or just found an alternative Holistic method. I slept 7 straight hours and only woke up, around 7 am for about 30 seconds.

I feel asleep watching the movie King Kong which is a very powerful movie. It’s about romance, sex, power and peace. Today was a very peaceful day for me. I spent the day with my son and we had a great exchange. He’s really involved in this process with me and that feels good. He’s working hard to fine the right foods for me to eat and is very interested in how the process is going.

Today was more of a inward day were other than talking to my son and spending time with him, I reflected on business issues, relationships with people and many different epiphanies about conversations I had with people over the past several weeks. Life is very much about balance and alignment and listening to the conscience. The more you feel, the deeper connection your connection is to the conscience. Being overweight is a key aspect of blocking the energy from fully coming through you and giving you the power to do you. I’ve lost about 8 pounds of blockage and I am looking forward to discovering much more power is waiting to come through me.


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