Day 8, the Matrix

I found myself in a Matrix on day 8. It was one of those days that lasted longer than 24 hours. Have you ever had a day that, similar to the Twilight Zone, just seem to continue into the next day. That is what Day 8 has been like. I am actually into day 9 (it’s noon time). I tried to write Day 8 last night, but sleep kept calling me. And it seems like there was a variety of a thing to talk about, but sleep won over. Sleep is something we all do and some of us resist it more. Sleep is also the final thing we do, so I imagine that some part of us knows that and it’s also a reason to avoid it. While we know some level of finality is coming we don’t want to rush it. As Richard Pryor once said in one of his many famous stand up routines….” I want to be in that Long Line” when it comes to the end.

Discoveries in My sleep

Today while I was sleeping I could feel the fat just burning off of every part of my body, from my buttocks, legs, arms, stomach, etc. it was like I was going through some chamber were my body was experiencing a major transformation. I also kept having the same dream. When I would wake up and go back to sleep I would go to part 2. It was a very powerful dream that I am still dissecting.

Meanwhile I’ve lost 13lbs for far, my skin is clearer and I have a lot more energy and can move around easier. The other realization I had doing my Matrix day was that how much of the world around us has to be purified. It’s not just the junk that is in our body it’s also the junk that is around us. That pollution comes form people, society, government, war, you name and there are toxins there. No one teaches us from childhood to death the purification system. We just deal with it; hope that we can get through and survives life without too much damage and call it a day. Well, to me, that’s not really living that’ surviving. I realized that for the past 14 years my body has been more on a survival mode than a life mode. The Detox has assisted my body to get back to life.

The Cockroach Is My Hero

The cockroach is my hero. The cockroach has been around forever and no matter what man comes up with the cockroach has learned how to purify it and keep on multiplying. They learned from every variation of pesticide and conquer it. Now the cockroach is really laughing because in our attempts to kill it, we?ve designed chemicals that kill us and the cockroach keeps living. The day the cockroach is extinct is the day I know the world is coming to an end, that?s why when I see a cockroach I see hope.

Now, I am working on my conscience to be able to detox or purify the junk around me. Unfortunately the last time I checked there isn’t an herb that can make that aggravating person go away or that annoying teenage kid stop being a teenager and irritant. I?ve discovered that detox arms gives room for the person to be stronger and more capable of dealing with life outside the body.

I’ve learned over the years that purification comes from the heart and the one antidote that purifies the junks around us is luvv. By detoxing, I can feel my heart getting stronger and more capable of pumping the luvv that is needed. I have a very dear friend named Henry Conyers who has worked with the conscience for over 30 years. He has explored how the human spirit interacts with the world and has made some starling discoveries. The one major area that he has explored a lot is our ability to purify and uplift those around us.

Detox and business

In my business I deal with a lot communication with a variety of people. My inability to purify those exchanges has a direct impact on my health. My wife, Gail, has been telling me for several years now, ” You’re not purifying the people you are dealing with”. I would say, yeah, yeah, and know she was telling me the truth, but didn’t want to admit it.

The detox has greatly assisted me in my day-to-day dealing with the people I have to work with in my business. I have more clarity, more patience and a willingness to listen deeper. I am not as drained and tired and have the energy to go to the next level in my business. Like the cockroach, I go from one pesticide to the other without much of a misstep.

The Matrix of the Detox

Over time, as I gained weight, I also lost my effectiveness as the “garbage man”, a name that my friend Henry gave to me over 10 years ago, because of part of my purpose being to purify all the junk around me. The detox as re-awakened that desire in me to be the ‘garbage man again”. It’s not a job I volunteered for, but it is a job that spirit has given me to do. The detox has also heightened my sense of smell. I really thought I had lost or was losing my once strong sense of smell. Now I can smell different foods cooking 100 yards away.

This has been one long and beautiful day. There are many more discoveries that await me. Now you see why day 8 was the Matrix. There is a lot more to write about but I will let you digest this and bring more tomorrow.


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