H2O brings balance on day 6

Today I felt a little clogged. I am not a huge fan of herbs. At some point they seem to clog me up. I was actually at the driving range working with my coach and was struggling a bit with the swing changes I’ve made over the past couple of months. Part of it had with me being in a rush when i got there and the other had to do with this clogged feeling I had. I went through the workout and then decided to get a bottle of water and drank it. Within a few seconds of drinking some water I started sneezing and my nose starting running. I then felt some immediate relief and balance.

I am sort of in a Plateau right now. I feel more clarity and a willingness to go the extra mile with some things. For example, I needed to go to the store tonight to get some more water and juice. I then needed to bring it in the house and then put both cars in the Garage. Usually I do one thing, then rest, do the other, and sometime between 3-5 am it’s all done, or maybe not. Tonight I just did it all at one time. Simple to most, but very revealing to me.

I feel more clarity in my thoughts, my face looks better and my eyes are clearer.