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Gail’s Full Body Cleanse Experience

Gail’s Full Body Cleanse Experience , for 20 days.

Day 19 & 20: Can’t believe it’s here!

Yesterday and today had a different feel then the entire detox, knowing that today is the last day. I made it! I kept wondering what I will eat when I’m done. I’ve had several people ask me what my first meal will be. Funny, but I don’t have any great pull to anything! The herbies have been extremely fulfilling for me and I can’t believe I am saying this, but I will miss them:) A few changes feel lasting: a focus on lots more water daily, and a new appreciation for veggies! The raw approach is fine for awhile,…

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Day 18: Victory Lap Time

I started out the detox wanting to clean out the insides and outsides of my body, so today I tackled my son’s closet and my office. I played grear music all day, from latin to soundtack to my own playlist, and it was fun! I threw away 5 bags of garbage and old stuff, and that always feels great to me. I’m now inspired to continue on with the rest of the house. It feels so right to be updating and purging around me:) I laughed at myself tonight as I had a late night snack: a salad of…

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Day 16: Appreciating the herbs

I’ve been feeling appreciative of the herbs the last few days. It would be very tough to just be eating fruits and vegetables and nuts by themselves. It’s day 16, and I’m not freaking out about no Starbucks, or dark chocolate, or beef. Those usually are my staples. I’m not missing them, but I sense there is an essence to the herbs and how they are combined that acts like a food of its own, 6 times a day. So far, out of 16 days, I’ve been on the road for 6 of them, and I have consistatly found…

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On the Road day 14 & 15

I am on the road, in Salt Lake City dong some teambuilding work for Starbucks. I didnt’t get a chance to eat what I desired until dinner, where the resturant made me an off-the-menu scrumptous salad. I ate nuts and fruit throghout the day, but not having veggies was tough. I drank tons of water instead. My husband, Jerome, assisted me with understanding the cause of my nagging cough. I’ve had it throughout most of the detox. I thought the herbs or raw almonds were irritating my throat. Instead we discovered I was hearing a direction…

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Day 13: Sleep pays off

After two days of 10 hour nights of rest over the weekend, I got on the scale today and had lost 3 lbs overnight! Not bad. I also added brown rice yesterday. Very fulfilling and tasty with olive oil and sea salt. I went boogie boarding with my son and his friends today and being in the salt water was fabulous! And for lunch, while they ate pizza and cheeseburgers, I had my salad and tea and there was an absolute ease to it all. I’ll be on the road the next three days, so will write in as…

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Day 11: Another sleepy day

I wanted to take a nap all day today. My son ran in a cross country race this morning so we all got up early for that. And it’s a Saturday; sleeping in on a Saturday is one of those pleasures I always treasure when I can. Felt like I did the running because I felt his exhaustion and recovery periods, but I never got my own recover. Never seemed to work out to nap, so here it is the end of the day, and I just want to go sleep for 12 hours. I was reminded today that…

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Day 10

Today was a busy day, but eating fruits, vegetables and nuts has just become a part of whatever I do. I worked with two clients, and I ate a salad while working with one, and raw trail mix while working with the other. Ease–I am finding an ease with it all. This process for me has been part of a much larger focus on connecting more to my life and purpose. I am so physical that if I am out of whack with my body, it affects everything else. My wild side, my sexy side, doesn’t express itself fulfillingly…

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Day 9: Flowing Day

Things we pretty simple today. My intestines and colon were happy, flowing right along:) We discovered the most incredible salad dressing from a raw foods restaurant, Juliano’s, in Santa Monica. It’s a ginger-garlic mixture that puts life and pizzazz in any salad. Wow! Makes it taste hearty, rich and extremely flavorful. I’ll want to use it even when I get off the detox. My throat is much better today. It tickled some but most of the symptoms have subsided. With my husband, Jerome, and I both doing the…

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Day 8: Stuff kicking up

I have had an irritating cough all day. I sense the herbs, in their process of cleansing, kick up the junk and attitudes we hold various parts of the body that make it weak. My lungs and throat have always been the weak link in this universe called Gail. So I went and vegetated in the steam room at the YMCA. While I was lying there, I was breathing strands of gold into my lungs, and exhaling out the crud that was inside. I may have a very active imagination but what I…

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Day 7: MORE

I was out of town till this evening. Traveling the last few days has been fun and reallly easy. One client made me a salad out of lettuce and 5 different types (and colors) of tomotoes, each one tasting unique to itself. Another client made us dinner of a large salad with pumpkin seeds every vegetable she had in the house, and she had alot! Avocadoes are very fulfilling too. I’m eating pine nuts and pine nuts throughout the day. All is well and calm. Today was a day of reflecting…

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