Day 16: Appreciating the herbs

I’ve been feeling appreciative of the herbs the last few days. It would be very tough to just be eating fruits and vegetables and nuts by themselves. It’s day 16, and I’m not freaking out about no Starbucks, or dark chocolate, or beef. Those usually are my staples. I’m not missing them, but I sense there is an essence to the herbs and how they are combined that acts like a food of its own, 6 times a day. So far, out of 16 days, I’ve been on the road for 6 of them, and I have consistently found great salads, fruit and nuts; and All is well. I feel very proud of myself for hanging with this process. I’m curious what my body will ask to eat once I can eat whatever again. My sense is that I will be even more attuned to desires that align with my recharged organs!