Day 17 – Running on Detox

Today was a great day. I got to run with my son, something that i haven’t done in at least 10 years if not more. As you all know I was a runner in high school and college and ran the mile/2 miles and 3 mile races, along with Cross country. My son has now picked up running and has done well for someone who is doing it part time between basketball and other interest that he has. I decided today to venture out away from the treadmill and to run on the track– I invited Pharoah to come along and he did. I went to the track with a specific purpose in mind. I wanted to see if I could run a entire lap without stopping. After stretching and warming up I decided to time myself for a lap. At the same time Pharoah decided that he would do 3 laps on the infield and then rest and keep doing 3 more until I was finished my workout. As I started to run i could feel the stiffness of years without running lingering in my bones. I could feel the molasses spreading through my legs and joints. My mind tried to tell my body to stop running that it hurt too much or it might have been my body sending a message to my brain. Either way a battle had been ensued and it was still up for question which side would win. At about the 200 meter mark, I could feel the spirit of running that has been with me all my life kick in and, similar to Abe Lincoln, that spirit called an end to the ciivl war that was taking place. As I entered the turn i felt a degree of satisfaction and joy. I knew I was going to finish the lap. My time was 3 minutes and 15 seconds. I then walked and then entered the battle again, My time this time was 2:52. Walked again and then ran one more and my time was 2:55. I was proud of my accomplishment on the track and look forward to more. While I was running, I was able to get encouragement from watching Pharoah go through his own workout. He looked smooth and light. I ran and walked a total of 1.25 miles and Pharoah ran 2.5 miles in the same time period. After running his 2.25 miles he ran a 400 meter lap and look solid and was moving well around the oval. Jerome My motivation for doing the Detox was about me getting healthy and being around longer to enjoy Pharoah and Gail.