Day 18: Victory Lap Time

I started out the detox wanting to clean out the insides and outsides of my body, so today I tackled my son’s closet and my office. I played great music all day, from Latin to soundtrack to my own playlist, and it was fun! I threw away 5 bags of garbage and old stuff, and that always feels great to me. I’m now inspired to continue on with the rest of the house. It feels so right to be updating and purging around me:) I laughed at myself tonight as I had a late night snack: a salad of mixed greens, cranberries, avocado, pine nuts and red peppers! It was very tasty with peach tea. The idea of continuing to eat lighter and more often throughout the day after the detox is very appealing to me at this point. I’m not “waiting” to eat my favorite anything, and that’s shocking to me! I continue to be very fulfilled with the raw foods and herbs.