Day 4: A day of large change

This has been quite a strange day. I had to get up with my son at 5:30 am, on a Saturday (!) for his first cross-country meet, in Griffith Park through the hills. I was able to get up, function, enjoy his grand performance, meet new people, and know that All is well. I got up without a struggle, even though I was tired, and usually it takes me 10 minutes to really wake up and move, but today I just got up and jumped into the day. I thought I’d be able to take a nap, but the day was filled unexpectedly. I’m writing this at midnight, I never did get my nap, but I did get a second wind this afternoon.

I am aware of large change, large change, both inside me and around me. The detox is playing a part in that awareness, and it’s keeping me very personal with myself. Funny thought that we could be impersonal with ourselves but I certainly can leave my heart and spirit and get caught up in the rigidity of how things should be. It’s a pleasure to feel the change.

I’m out of town for the next three days but I will be a “field reporter” and will report in on how the detox works on the road.