Day 7: MORE

I was out of town till this evening. Traveling the last few days has been fun and reallly easy. One client made me a salad out of lettuce and 5 different types (and colors) of tomotoes, each one tasting unique to itself. Another client made us dinner of a large salad with pumpkin seeds every vegetable she had in the house, and she had alot! Avocadoes are very fulfilling too. I’m eating pine nuts and pine nuts throughout the day.

All is well and calm. Today was a day of reflecting on all the areas in my life where I desire more; more luvv, more money, more fun, more exchange. I was conversing with Wisdom who told me that the deisre for MORE requires an expansion of the me that I know.

Everyone throws around the saying “You can do anything if you put your mind to it.” Well, if that means you keep a focus, hold solid through the obstacles and keep your desire strong, then that is what is next for me. There is great adventure and fun awaiting in the MORE, I can feel it The detox provides a personal focus on me which makes me aware of my expansion as a spiritual being, cleaning house within to make room for what is next. I can feel large change in the MORE that knocks on my door. Now if I will just be obedient and open up to it….