Day 8: Stuff kicking up

I have had an irritating cough all day. I sense the herbs, in their process of cleansing, kick up the junk and attitudes we hold various parts of the body that make it weak. My lungs and throat have always been the weak link in this universe called Gail.

So I went and vegetated in the steam room at the YMCA. While I was lying there, I was breathing strands of gold into my lungs, and exhaling out the crud that was inside. I may have a very active imagination but what I saw being exhaled and released was dark, sticky gunk from the bottom lining. I continued, and the strands formed a scraper that was pushing stuff out with each breath. I stayed with this until it appeared that I had excavated the internal terrain so it was in new, fresh shape! I saw the inner linings the color of baby pink skin. And then I saw my lungs as gold plated and solid. My breathing has been better since then.

Our bodies are so incredible. They put up with our illusions and resistances and the crusty junk that gets stored in them as a byproduct. I am looking forward to get a better “reading” as to what my lungs are telling me. I know they symbolize exchanging with life, so there may be more exchanging that I am currently blocking. My sense is that the coughing will subside when I get the message. I hope I will listen.