Day 9: Flowing Day

Things we pretty simple today. My intestines and colon were happy, flowing right along:) We discovered the most incredible salad dressing from a raw foods restaurant, Juliano’s, in Santa Monica. It’s a ginger-garlic mixture that puts life and pizzazz in any salad. Wow! Makes it taste hearty, rich and extremely flavorful. I’ll want to use it even when I get off the detox.

My throat is much better today. It tickled some but most of the symptoms have subsided. With my husband, Jerome, and I both doing the detox at the same time, there is a new energy in our home. The energy feels more balanced and relaxed, perhaps because we are:) While the detox is a very physical thing, I sense it assists us to release deeply hidden and stuck places that get in our way on a spiritual/fulfillment level, and that’s what I feel. The air around us all feels lighter, fresher, more engaging. I’m glad we have another 12 days to uncover even greater balance.