On the Road day 14 & 15

I am on the road, in Salt Lake City dong some team building work for Starbucks. I didn’t get a chance to eat what I desired until dinner, where the restaurant made me an off-the-menu scrumptious salad. I ate nuts and fruit throughout the day, but not having veggies was tough. I drank tons of water instead.

My husband, Jerome, assisted me with understanding the cause of my nagging cough. I’ve had it throughout most of the detox. I thought the herbs or raw almonds were irritating my throat. Instead we discovered I was hearing a direction to follow, but wasn’t fully listening. I am being directed to speak with a wealthy tone. A wealthy tone, not a rich tone. Tiger woods, Michale Jordan, Henry Conyers all speak with a wealthy tone. It’s a tone that conveys character, principle, worth and money. Oprah speaks with a rich tone, which conveys money or loot.

He instructed me to see myself on top of golden pyramid (very much like the logo for Dherbs) and to speak from there. I also pictured Tiger, Michael and Henry with me. As I did that throughout the day, I could feel a deeper power in my voice and clarity in my expression! WOW!! Most of all, my throat hasn’t bothered me AT ALL since this discovery. Thank you Jerome.

I have 2 more days of training so Ill get to further develop and discover more about the wealthy tone and how it impacts others.