OK babies…. here we go STAT time:

Height: 5’6

Weight: 229.6

Neck: 15

Arms: Right/14    Left/13.5

Breast: 43

Waist: 43

Thighs: Right/32   Left/31

Hips: 49.5 :-/

here we go SISTAHS….

Good morning babies… Day 1 well really the morning of Day 2  I figured if I post after the fact I would be sure to include everything. I received my fitbit I call her Bernice the same day as my vitamins arrived I call them Herb I introduced the two and I think I made a love connection. Okay now that that’s out of the way, my day was going pretty well, or so I thought. It was my day off so I decided it was the perfect time to start to ensure I had a good routine for taking the pills. I decided to go to the store around midday to buy a gift card for my mom and here’s what happen:

I went into the wrong store, figured it out when I got to the counter, was too ashamed to inform the clerk I was in the wrong store she had already rang up the gift card, I couldn’t think of my phone number and address when she needed it to complete the transaction..I gathered my thoughts, told her I just started a detox, she said she completely understood but did she really…mmmm….I wonder.  Besides that and a little sneezing and coughing…everything was great! But then again…it is ONLY THE FIRST DAY.

[Exits to the theme of the Twilight Zone]



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