Day 12

Hey hunties…well it’s day 12!!

I’m over the half way mark and I’m coming up on the finish. I spent yesterday making up for Sunday. I went on a cleaning frenzy – however, I still have to do the basement. No complaints or gripes however I am longing for a lemon-peppered chicken salad from The Original Shane’s Rib Shack…Yum-yum…okay where was I? Ooh yeah, I need to focus. Only eight more days to go and NO CHEATS-TO-DATE. If nothing else I appreciate this journey and what it has taught me. I can do anything if only I put my mind to it. Food should not be a life-line, it should be a life-enhancer. I can enjoy the foods I want –in moderation. I take that as a lesson well-learned and the number one lesson I would have to say is learning to love myself inwardly as much as I do outwardly. Yeah all that in 12 days, I can’t wait to see what I will be thinking on day 20…but until the next time we meet…

Peace & Blessings



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