Day 13

Well its day 13 and I am yet holding on. 

My eyes are looking yellowish with brown spots in them. I really thought I was through the main detox stage or was I so toxic this trash is just making its way to the surface? Have gotten use to eating right and it helps that my hubby works out of town so therefore I’m not tempted by cooking dinner EVERY night. My son is easy…he loves salads but he tends to grow tired of them so I have to get in the kitchen every once and a while and whip him up a quick meal. I get tempted to taste but never follow through. I am determine to complete this journey the right way. Tomorrow is another weigh-in and I’m debating about that. Does the number on the scale REALLY determine my success on this journey. I mean after all, I’m eating healthier, I feel better, I’m proud of the discipline I have displayed in not giving in to the temptations that have been placed before me. So I’m thinking will I only set myself back in my thinking if/when I get on the scale and it hasn’t moved as much as I would like or as much as I think it should have…only time will tell…so until tomorrow.

Peace & Blessing



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