Morning babies…me again…Day 2. 

First things first, I am not planning on weighing myself everyday but today i couldn’t help it 227.6 down by 2 pounds!!  OK, now that that’s out of the way, let me start by saying this, I never thought I was a bad eater. I do the fruits and veggies, and an occasional Almond Joy, you know to kick start myself. However, I guess I wasn’t being completely honest with myself. I thought I would have the first two or three days of this detox licked. You know, no side effects and breezing right on through. Well about 12:00am I was enlighten that I was not only unkind to my body but now was time for the payback. Seriously, it wasn’t that bad, just a little up and down to the potty while having to dispel what remained from my mouth. Yeah…one of those mornings. I thought I was gonna have to call out from work but by 5:00am I was on the treadmill, doing a brisk pace. I did have to slow down as I didn’t have the energy I needed to keep up with the pace I desired, but I’m sure it will come within the next couple of days.

I discovered snow peas today. Not my favorite but hey they keep a S.I.S.T.A.H. from being hungry without the added garbage to my system, so why not. Bernice (my tracker) tells me I’m breaking all kinds of stepping records and my sleep pattern has improved in just TWO DAYS! All in all, I would have to say Herb (my cleanse) is being a gentleman. He’s not putting anything more on me than I can bear. God is truly wonderful, I will seek Him everyday on this journey and will continue to strive to make my body a temple that is Holy and acceptable to Him…Until tomorrow babies.

Peace & Love

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