Heyyyyyyy…me again. 

Day 4 and I am still standing. Today was a good day, I went to church and I had enough energy to go to the track with my son. I walk/ran while he roller-bladed. I did get a little help with going to the potty, I just felt like I was stuck. It helped a little, I think I need to pull back on the nuts, I’m going to try fruits, veggies and salads for a while and lay off the nuts and see if that helps my flow.  The only thing I noticed today was itching after my time at the track. When I got home, I showered and changed but when I got out the shower and settled down, my face cheeks/chin area was itching a little. Yayyy! I think that means all the bad stuff is leaving my blood?!?  Woot-Woot!!!.  Until tomorrow…

Peace & Blessings



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