Day 7

Heyyyy babies, day 7.

Tomorrow is weigh-in. All can I say that I think I’m feeling a little nervous about it. While I know this detox is great to cleanse you internally and get you back on the right track physically, I am doing it mainly because of all the wonderful weight loss reviews.  Tomorrow if the scale hasn’t moved disappointment won’t even be able to describe the way I think I’m gonna feel. Hey I’m just keeping it real. I just pray whatever the scale says, I don’t get discourage and go on a eating binge as that has been my biggest problem, Emotional eating. I felt if I’m doing all the right things and the weight is still not coming off…WHY BOTHER…so this time I want to stick with it until the end…this time I WONT GIVE UP…so I will let you know how it goes…

Peace & Blessings

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