Day 8

Morning babies…Day 8. 

Well I couldn’t sleep at all last night worried and excited at the same time. I gave myself a number in my head that I would be “happy” with when I stepped on the scale this morning, but in reality any weight loss is good weight loss. So I arose this morning and hopped on the scale. 224.0 nope, not a 7lb lost in which I was hoping for, truth be told I was sad, disappointed in myself and wanting to eat SOMETHING, ANYTHING…but I DIDN’T. I dusted myself off and realized this is a journey and not a quick fix. I decided I will take the 5.6lb loss and continue to forge ahead…and then it happened. I got dressed for work and my pants were totally baggy…well not to the point of falling off but I could definitely tell the difference so YAY for me after all!! I’ll take the inches..and I will continue to strive to be a better me…weight loss I’m sure will come with the healthy eating choices I am continuing to make…so I press on toward the higher calling….until tomorrow. 

Peace & Blessings



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