Hi everyone, I’m GiGi, AKA Sistah Big-Bones, meaning a Sister Inspiring Sisters To Achieve Health. Big Bones because that’s the excuse I always told myself when the weight wouldn’t come off as quickly as I wanted it to or came back sooner than expected…you know the one…”Child I ain’t big, I’m just Big Boned”. While I know I am not meant to be a size 2, and truly I have no desire to be (nothing against size two’s…I just enjoy my curves), I also know I am not meant to be 229.2 lbs and counting…ohhhh did I say that out loud. What if people see? Now the world knows my secret! Ha! Ha! Too little too late, now that I have gotten my Dherbs Full Body Cleanse that number is a thing of the past so go ahead chuckle at the big girl. Today will be the LAST day you will have that opportunity. Truth be told, I’m chuckling at her myself while I wave buh-bye!!

Seriously, I was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor over 12 years ago and I developed Cushings Disease. I was medically discharged from the military and the whole nine. Yeah sad story but happy ending…God is Faithful and Just…I had surgery, I am doing great, I moved to a new state, met a Wonderful guy…married almost 6 years…started running with some AWESOME ladies, and everything is going well…except my weight..I feel as though there is a switch within my body that’s turned OFF…I’ve have been tested for new tumors, had my thyroid dice. I’ve heard my spirit saying If He Didnt Grow It, Your Body Shouldn’t Know It for a while, so I’ve tried many, many fruit and veggie diets, smoothie diets, diet pills, fasting, etc, etc…I DID LOSE the weight BUT it DID COME BACK. I wasn’t consistent.  Soooo when a girlfriend tried Dherbs with great results I said…heyyyyyy why not! So here I am almost a year later giving it a go.  So lets begin shall we…Oh by the way….Thanks for taking this journey with me..                     



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