The Beginning

Have you ever looked in the mirror and asked yourself how in the hell did you allow yourself to get this big?? Well that’s what I’m dealing with at the moment. Basically all my life until the birth of my son I have always been a slender woman, but not to complain because my son gave me that womanly figure. Now six years later I am looking at myself in the mirror trying to figure out how I gained 30 pounds in one year. My normal weight was 142, now I’m 172 and its not looking good on me. I had to realize that I am no longer a size 8 but a size 12 and can not fit any of my clothing, but the sad part is I refuse to buy new clothing in a larger size and I’m stuffing my fat ass in a size 8… Please don’t be like me, this really hurts… ouch!!! Well today 01/27/15 I made it my business to do something about the extra weight. I started taking the 20 day cleanse, I’m hoping to lose about 10 to 15 pounds at the end of this journey.

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