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Ginger – 13 lbs to go

Ginger – 13 LBS TO GO – Final Day

Final Day Over the past week, the ritual has finally become automatic.  I joyfully travel with my own food, and my body has aclimated to the new food diet and repaying me with vibrant energy, clarity and the ability to stay calm and grounded.  I have released a total of 10 pounds. I am confident that my last 3 pounds will go quickly.  I have decided to follow up this detox with a final Colon Clense, which is recommended. Thank…

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Ginger – 13 LBS TO GO – Day 13

Day 13 I weighed myself today.  I released 2 more pounds.  I am at 8 total.  My goal is to release 13 pounds.  I think my body takes longer to release, but when it does it happens fast.  This has been great test ground for how my body works.  It used to happen so fast when I was 10 years younger.  I could drop 3 pounds in 2 days. This is helping me to understand that I have to…

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Ginger – 13 LBS TO GO – Day 10

Day 10 Weekends are hard, I hate having to get up at 7am to take capsules, on my only two days to sleep in, so I usually take them late.  Working on that.  Still determined to keep going.  I am enjoying the small weight release I have had, but I really expected it to happen much faster.  I have only lost 6 pounds in 4 weeks. I am following my diet plan about 95%.  Let’s see how it goes. …

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Ginger – 13 LBS TO GO – Day 7

Day 7 I am still feeling great.  Trying out some new variations on morning smoothies to see which ones make me feel the best.  My morning smoothies will definately became a life long habit for me.  It is so fast, so good and healthy and you feel so good. I am still trying to get the timing of my herb capsules down to a science, but I am doing pretty good.  I am still loving my salads for lunch and steamed veggie soup for…

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Ginger – 13 LBS TO GO – Day 4

Day 4 Friday and the weekend was tough.  Friday was great during the day, but I got home late and was starving by the time I got there, so everything I shouldn’t be eating was looking really good. I snuck a turkey hotdog without the bun and had some vegi soup.  The week end was tough also,  I was working on Saturday and actually packed my lunch and dinner, but found that because I was doing home organizing work that required me to lift and mover tings,…

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Ginger – 13 LBS TO GO

Let me introduce myself.. I am a 44 year old mother of three beautiful boys. Over the past 10 years I have lived through some life changing events. During that time I have always had a strong spiritual center, but found that I was attracting people who were “takers” and that wasn’t good because I was a giver. And I think it was starting to show up in my body. I noticed when I hit 40 I started needing reading glasses, and was showing signs of gray…

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