Ginger – 13 LBS TO GO – Day 13

Ginger – 13 LBS TO GO – Day 13

Day 13

I weighed myself today.  I released 2 more pounds.  I am at 8 total.  My goal is to release 13 pounds.  I think my body takes longer to release, but when it does it happens fast.  This has been great test ground for how my body works.  It used to happen so fast when I was 10 years younger.  I could drop 3 pounds in 2 days. This is helping me to understand that I have to be patient and not loose confidence when the resease doesn’t happen quickly.   I have a sense this is a life lesson as well.  I think in some ways our body tendencies are a reflection of our life tendencies.

I am still feeling so good.  I have been really amazed at how little I need to eat to feel good.  I am still shocked that I am thriving on a fruit smoothie, a salad and a bowl of soup and a few nuts….and I am never hungry or low on energy.

Til next time.